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Australian Standard Twin Big Industrial Spray Booths Installed

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Australian Standard Twin Big Industrial Spray Booths Installed

For customer requirements, two of our technology stuffs went to Australia to guide the installations of two big spray booths. Just finished assemble, they shared some perfect photos to our factory. Let us have a look:

“Potential is There for More Throughput” with Dual-Bay Spray Booths, for side exhaust, customer no need to dig their floor, upper lights, middle lights and side lights use for more average light illuminance. Mostly thanks to a dual-bay Paint Booths that was paired with an Paint Booth and Bake booth in hopes maximized productivity boosts the bottom line.

Industrial paint booths and finishing equipment are complete finishing solutions that meet our customers' unique needs and specifications. Guangli manufacture and install Spray Paint Booths for cars, trucks and industrial equipment. Our industrial paint booths are optimised to provide clean air and high productivity, providing the ideal controlled environment for spraying and, thereafter. Call today or request a price quote online!

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