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Looking for Paint Spray Booths?

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Looking for Paint Spray Booths?

Guangli brand newly installation of spray paint booths for Bentley Shop. Whether you're starting a shop or adding car painting services to your shop, automotive paint booths are great investments. They help you control the work environment to complete car paint jobs fast and safely. Also it could helps you to win the customers by producing a beautiful paint job.
You can watch the video that car body element being painted in paint booth, and car element body after painting. Drying parts of the automobile in spray booth. We will design the commercial paint booth to meet your finishing needs. Whatever you need cross draft spray booths, down draft spray booths, or side down draft spray booths, can be done well by us. All designs typically offer a higher quality finish on large equipment.

When you’re ready to enhance your shop with a paint booth, the first step is to walk through all the safety protocols and local regulations to ensure you create a safe environment for operating a spray booth. Give us a call at 008613925061383 to get you the absolute best booth for your shop.

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