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Spray Booth Paint Finishing Systems and VOC Treatment Systems

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Spray Booth Paint Finishing Systems and VOC Treatment Systems


Guangzhou Guangli company manufactures an extensive line of high-performance paint booths, prep stations, mixing rooms for automotive body shops and collision repair centers across many countries. In addition to a complete product line, we offers services such as shop layout drawng designs, painter and technician training to help automotive repair businesses be more productive, efficient and profitable.

Spray booths finishing system be designed for high-volume body shops and collision repair centers, it will improve productivity and maximize shop space. Automotives move quickly and easily between work bays on its skid conveyor system.

Spray booths finishing systems are designed to accommodate our premium paint booths and prep stations — Goes through metal plate, poly-putty base, poly-putty base drying, primer, close over, finish painting, drying, buffing and assembly station in order. The complete metal plate and painting process can be done all in the line.

In paint processes, odor is caused from paint-drying ovens and VOC from paint booths. So we also can design VOCs Treatment Systems for paint booth exhaust. These emissions are regulated by the Offensive Odor Control Law and Air Pollution Control Law as well as regulations by local governments regarding living environments.

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